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Restarting mechanisms in TYCHO

In the Parameterfile a duration in seconds for writing restart files can be given. If the simulation has written restart files beforehand one can very easily restart a TYCHO simulation by giving an additional argument to the tycho executable up, e.g. ./tycho parameterfile restart. TYCHO will pick up the existing restartfiles and restart the simulation from that point. If you want to restart from another timestep you can do that by reading in TYCHO output files in the TYCHO native fileformat and setting the appropriate parameters in the Parameterfile. That means that if you write output to other filetypes then TYCHO's native fileformat, restarting from checkpoints is the only option. Note that at restart the parameterfile will be processed in addition, which allows you to alter boundary conditions or other parameters within the simulation at restart points. If you want to restart without any chances leave the parameterfile unchanged. The restart files have to be located in the output directory.