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/home/kapf/tycho_docu/big_endian_converter.c File Reference
#include <stdio.h>
#include <stdint.h>
#include <stdlib.h>
#include "variables_global.h"
#include "prototypes.h"

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long long int ntohll (const long long int data)

Function Documentation

long long int ntohll ( const long long int  data)

converts double values to BigEndian VTK binaries are in BigEndian format as well as AMIRA MESH Files

Definition at line 21 of file big_endian_converter.c.

References x.

Referenced by write_amira(), write_ic_amira(), write_ic_vtk(), and write_vtk().

enum {
union {
long long int ull;
uint8_t c[8];
} x;
// Test if on BigEndian machine
static int typ = TYP_INIT;
if (typ == TYP_INIT) {
x.ull = 0x01;
typ = (x.c[7] == 0x01) ? TYP_BIGE : TYP_SMLE;
// If system is BigEndian; return data as is.
if (typ == TYP_BIGE) {
return data;
// convert data to Big Endian
x.ull = data;
int8_t c = 0;
c = x.c[0];
x.c[0] = x.c[7];
x.c[7] = c;
c = x.c[1];
x.c[1] = x.c[6];
x.c[6] = c;
c = x.c[2];
x.c[2] = x.c[5];
x.c[5] = c;
c = x.c[3];
x.c[3] = x.c[4];
x.c[4] = c;
return x.ull;