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Initial conditions

If one wants to start the simulation with self made initial conditions one has to set this parameter to 1. Note that the files have to be in TYCHO's native fileformat. If the code should set up initial conditions as specified in the function make_ic (make_ic.c) the parameter has to be set to 0. In the case only the obstacle distribution should be read in you have set the parameter to 2.
If you want to test the code with a Sod shock-tube problem you have to set the parameter to 3. The problem can be generated in 1D/2D and 3D.
A Kelvin Helmholtz instability test as described in the section examples in 2D and 3D can be set up with 4. The file type used in TYCHO is specified in the section about TYCHOs file type.
#Make ICs by editing the source file make_ic.c yes [0]
#Read in initial conditions [1]
#Only the obstacle distribution is read in [2]
#A Sod Shock Tube is generated with [3]
#Kelvin Helmholtz instabilities in 2D [4]
#Your initial conditions have to be in TYCHO file format