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Stratified atmosphere

The initial condition generation in the function make_ic is able to set up a stratified atmosphere. The stratification is defined as follows:
temperature gradient $T(z)=T_{0} + A(z-z_{0})$ with $T_{0}=288.15$[K] and
$A =-6.5\times10^{-3}$[K/m],
density gradient $\rho(z) = \rho_{0} \left(\frac{T(z)}{T_{0}}\right)^{\frac{-g}{RA}+1}$ and pressure gradient $p(z) = p_{0} \left(\frac{T(z)}{T_{0}}\right)^\frac{-g}{RA}$, with $R$ the gas constant and $g$ the gravitational acceleration. If you want this feature you have to choose 1. A constant atmosphere without any gradient is realized with 0.
#Stratisfied Atmosphere [1] or constant Atmosphere [0]