Tyrolian Computational Hydrodynamics

Tycho for Windows (v1.3.1) - includes TYCHO, tychoGUI, tychoBCG3D and tychoBCGEN compiled for Windows

Content of the TYCHO installer:

docu - here you will find a pdf version of the simulations package documentation

examples - some examples with parameterfiles and initial/boundary conditions

sources - all the sources of the simulation packages as well as tychoGUI, tychoBCGEN and tychoBCG3D

tychoGUI - the GUI for using TYCHO

tychoBCG3D - a 3D boundary condition generator for STL- and point data (e.g. 3D scans)

tychoBCGEN - a 2D boundary condition generator for pixelgrpahics

tycho_simulation - two versions for the simulation package TYCHO (32Bit and 64Bit)

This version is compiled using MinGW, Qt (V5.0) and Microsoft Visual Studio Compiler 10.0 (x86) on a Windows7 64Bit System.

TYCHO is freely available to everyone. You are welcome to download it and do whatever you want with it. I would appreciate, however, if you would acknowledge the package in your publications/work and if you
would send me information for what purpose you use the code. Keep in mind that these codes/programs do not come with any guarantee.

Important notice: If you have old parameterfiles (version 0.93 an lower), you have to change them due to TYCHO's new parameterfile-format. Have a look into the manual and into the parameterfile directory to see what has changed. Compared to older verions, version V1.2.1 is improved regarding speed and it uses a different data format for intitial/boundary/windemitter and marker files. You have to use tychoBCGEN V0.4 to generate the new file format, including a 200 byte offset at the beginning (for metadata) and a row-major ordering of the data.